AFCTA has been selected by IFAF and USA Football
to help football development outside North America.







AFCTA Clinics are for the Coach. Content corresponds to his ability and ambition. We are working hand in hand with federations / clubs in order to provide the best service possible.

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AFCTA Camps emphasise teaching football skills, techniques and fundamentals whilst each player gets as many repetitions as possible. Each players will improve and get better at his position, as well as conditioning for football and general football knowledge / understanding.


AFCTA Combines are for players that have the desire to be tested like American players do. Participating in such events and with key tests per position, provided by professional coaches, allows the best candidates to bridge the gap between "world players" and American Schools.


Players have opportunities by the recognition they get from AFCTA coaches. AFCTA provides the connections, guidance and help to the best candidates to play in High schools/ College.


AFCTA offers clinics for the coach that corresponds to his ability and ambition.
AFCTA has the ability to offer a wide range of professional lectures depending on the desired certification of the attendees and are willing to provide lectures at all 3 levels or combine 1 and 2, or 2 and 3 to cover the possibilities that coaching certification dictates.

We also will provide "shadow coaching" to level 1 and 2 coaches at all camps. During clinics we can provide on the field lectures with players or participation of coaches. This serves as shadow coaching when done for at least 1/2 day.

We offer clinics for 2 to 4 days.

Here are our latest examples of topics

  • Complete Zone Run Game- all variations
  • Complete Cover 2 coverage: Basic Package plus Red and Green
  • Cover 3 Coverage:plus Base and adjustments, Seahawk 3, Buzz, Robber, and Cloud
  • Power Run Game
  • Complete Passing Game with WR alignments and splits
  • Control Pass and 25 concepts and combinations
  • Coaching is more than X,s and O,s
  • Learn how to be the most organized and detail coach in the game.
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    February 2014 "I met Coach Criner in Prague last month during the AFCTA Camp organized in cooperation with the Czech Association of American Football (CAAF). I was lucky enough to be able to drive 500 Km to go to this camp with four of my players.
    Coach Criner has a vast knowledge of the game in every aspect, can answer any question, no matter how difficult and teaches with passion and heart. He loves to work with players of all ages and inspires love of the game to them. He takes care of everybody around the camp and makes you feel like the most special person, no matter if you are coach, an experience player or a first day rookie. I am very thankful to Coach Criner for all what he has teached me since I started mailing with him some months ago.
    I totally recommend you to contact him and the AFTCA. This is probably the best player/coach camp you can find right now."
    Rafael Marquez
    Head Coach of the Zilina Warriors


AFCTA emphasises teaching techniques and fundamentals and each player getting repetitions.
We stress that a camp should be 2 or 3 day minimum so that a player understands and gets enough reps to start building a good habit. The drills fit the position and the players get immediate feed back..

Team Camps

Team camps are for every position on the team and involve teaching every aspect with emphasis on the fundamentals and techniques involved in the execution of playing the game.

  • 2 practices per day
  • Position meetings
  • A third practice in the evening consisting of 7 on 7 for skill positions and 5 on 5 or physical development for the OL and DL.

Equal time is devoted to the run and pass phases of offense and defense, plus some time is given to the team aspect of special teams, but concentrated effort is put on the development of the specialists in the kicking game (k/p/ls/ret).

These camps are offered for 3 or 5 days.

Speciality Camps

7 ON 7 is a passing camp for all skill positions – QB/WR/TE/RB on offense and DB/LB on defense. All phases of the passing game and defending the passing game are covered with emphasis on fundamentals and techniques. The various styles of throwing the football will be covered, but the emphasis will be on what the various QB's execute in the season. RBs will get attention to develop not only in the passing game and pass pro, but will develop their run skills and run blocking as well. Also, TEs and WR'ers will be taught blocking skills. The defensive backs and linebackers will get an opportunity to learn zone skills, but man coverage also. They will also develop tackling and play blockers techniques. Members of the kicking game are welcome to participate in this camp as well.

  • 2 practices per day
  • Position or group meetings
  • Evenings are spent in meetings - position and group - plus film review and critiques.

These camps are offered for 3 or 5 days.

Big Guys

OL and DL - Concentrated teaching of fundamentals and techniques of line play

  • 2 practices per day
  • Developing their athleticism after both practices
  • Evenings are devoted to video study, evaluation an critique

A change up is 5 ON 5 for the big guys.

This camp is offered 2 or 3 days.

QB and Receiver camps

QBs, WR's, TE's, and RB's will get development in all phases of the passing game

  • Concentrated teaching and execution on fundamentals and techniques
  • Evening sessions are spent on video study and critique.

These camps are offered for 2 or 3 days.


January 2014 "All Japanese players have had a great time learning from AFCTA coaches at the IFAF WDT, I really liked my coaches. Also, Japanese players want AFCTA coaches to come to Japan and coach us."
Suzuki Yuki
Japanese DB in the World D. Team


AFCTA runs NFL type combines with physical skills testing as well as position fundamental and techniques evaluation.We perform the same test as the NFL does. Each player will receive a work sheet with evaluation, scores, rating (relative to age), recommendations, and a video of his performance. This information is available to federations, teams, and institutions that the player requests.
Tests et drills provided at combines:
  • 40 yards
  • Bench Press at 225lbs (100kg)
  • Power Clean (x3)
  • 20 yards shuttle
  • 3 cones drill
  • 300 yards shuttle
  • Squat (x3)
  • Broad jump
  • Vertical jump

We also do specific drills per position similar to "pro styles combines".

Players will leave with their video and recommendations.

Depending on numbers, our combines will last 1 or 2 days.


AFCTA will give players recognition and help them to play in high schools / college
"Going to the NFL, going to college is not even a dream anymore, cause it's everybody's dream. It's more like a competition. You know, you then have to beat out your best friend, out-compete him to, you know,...fulfill your dream. It will become a dream once you get there.
" A U19 player in "SIGNING DAY"
A Documentary Film (2014)
Official Trailer

You coach A PLAYER,
you've coached ONE PLAYER

You teach A COACH,
he can teach a 1000 PLAYERS


Coaching Clinic
Player Training

  • April/May 2016: AFCTA is in China for an extended period. A complete development program is delivered. Clinic for Coaches, camp for players, tests and combines. Heads up football.
  • Fevrier 2016: AFCTA is in Serbia for a Clinic
  • November 2015: AFCTA and its team was on a clinic & Player training sessions tour in the following 4 countries:
  • 1st week of November : France - With guest speaker from SMU-USA
  • 2nd week of November: Netherlands - With guest speaker from Innsbruck-Austria & Amiens-France
  • 3rd week of November: Austria - With guest speaker from Geneva-Switzerland and Poland
  • 4th week of November: Poland - With guest speaker from Innsbruck-Austria and Poland
  • July to November 2015: AFCTA is working with ASM-Clermont Rugby (French rugby Elite league: Top 14) for a 4 months period. This is Strength, power, speed and conditioning orientated collaboration.
  • July 2015 : AFCTA is in SWEDEN for a coaching clinic and and heads up football program
  • September 2014 to June 2015: AFCTA Helped the Marseille Blue Stars to bluild a winning program by becoming French U19 Champions. Supervising Coaches and players Twice a week for 10 months.
  • May 2015: AFCTA is in NETHERLANDS (multiple locations) for Coaching clinics & Player training sessions
  • April/May 2015: AFCTA is in GERMANY (Koln) for Camps, Combines, Players American High School/College Opportunities (American scouts present)
  • April 2015: AFCTA is SPAIN (Madrid) for Players Camp & Coaching Clinic
  • March 2015: AFCTA is in Serbia for a clinic camp
  • February 2015: AFCTA is in Prague for a clinic camp
  • January 2015: AFCTA is in Arlington Texas, USA for Heads Up Clinic
  • August 2014: AFCTA is in Norway
  • April 2014: AFCTA is in Bristol, UK
  • March 2014: AFCTA is in Panama
  • Feb 2014: AFCTA is in Czech Republic:Clinic (20 coaches)/ Camp 105 players
  • January 2014: AFCTA is at the IFAF World Development Team Camp
  • Oct 2013: AFCTA is in France for a clinic with 90 coaches / 180 players
  • July 2013: AFCTA is in Prague for a players camp
  • July 2013: AFCTA talks at IFAF's annual congress in Finland
  • July 2013: AFCTA is in Finland for a clinic and players workouts
  • June 2013: AFCTA is in UK for clinics and players workouts
  • June 2013: AFCTA sees support from IFAF and USA Football
  • July 2012: AFCTA's first camps and clinics
  • June 2012: AFCTA was created





Executive director
Rose Bowl - UCLA (NCAA) Nat'l Champ -Boise State (NCAA) 2 time All American LB World Bowl Champion - Scotish Claymores (NFLE) Scout for Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)


GARDENT Philippe

Vice President of Communications & Education
World Bowl Champion - Berlin Thunder (NFLE) NFL Europe league Defensive MVP Washington Redskins & Carolina Panthers LB (NFL)



Vice President of Operations & Sponsorships
4 SuperBowl appearances (NFL) 2 times SuperBowl Champion (49ers Coach) 1 time SuperBowl Champion (St Louis Rams VP)


  • terry_shea

    Terry Shea     WiKi-Link

    Currently, Coach Shea does quarterback consulting work for future NFL draft prospects. Most recently he worked with Robert Griffin III "RG3" (2nd overall pick 2012), Blaine Gabber t(10th overall pick 2011), Sam Bradford (1st overall pick 2010), Matthew Stafford (1st overall pick 2009), and Josh Freeman (17th overall pick 2009). Shea also trained and developed current college quarterbacks Collin Klein (Kansas State) and Tommy Rees (Notre Dame).
  • gene_dalquist

    Gene Dalquist     WiKi-Link

    He is currently the quarterbacks coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He was the quarterbacks coach for the Omaha Nighthawks of the United Football League (UFL), a position he assumed in September 2012. Dahlquist was the head coach for the Scottish Claymores of the NFL Europe League (NFLEL) from 2001 to 2003Prior to his professional career, he worked 31 years in the collegiate ranks.
  • gary_griffin

    Gary Griffin

    Coach Griffen is a DL specialist. His coaching career has spanned over 30 seasons and has seen him coach at the highest levels of NCAA play in addition to the high school gam. An oustanding teacher, Gary is considered one of the very best coaches in high school football in the state of Texas. In 2011 and 2012 Gary Coached the defensive line in the Cactus Bowl.
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